Client Preparation for Custody Evaluations and Court-Ordered Mediation

Custody mediations and evaluations are critical in contested custody cases, yet clients routinely go into sessions without a basic knowledge about the process and what is expected of them, and often with inflexible positions on custody arrangements. Family lawyers, therapists and parenting educators can help clients dig themselves out of entrenched positions, evaluate their goals, and develop a child-centered parenting plan that will get them through the mediation and evaluation process and promote the best interests of their children.DRESS REHEARSALMany custody disputes are resolved in mediation, whether it’s court-annexed or private practice. Mediation can also be a dress rehearsal for the child-custody evaluation, because if the case is not settled in mediation, the evaluation process could be next.The mediator’s job is to reduce acrimony and get the parties to agree to a custody and parenting schedule that is in the best interests of the children. In mediation the current circumstances of the parties is paramount, although parenting history is also material. Although some court systems have a written policy permitting “extended” mediation, often the mediation meeting is a one-time appointment that often lasts 90 minutes at most, so there’s no time to go into the client’s past in depth. Private practice settings offer more flexibility and less time pressure, but the basics of both types of mediation settings are the same.Contrasted with mediation, big-picture information is always used in evaluation. For preparation purposes, both current circumstances and past history are valuable. You can help your clients organize their background information and, more important, develop a more objective perspective about their case by creating an overview of the relationship and putting the important events in the parties’ and children’s lives on several thematic time lines.In the relationship time line, include when the parents met, when the parents’ relationship became serious, when the parents began living together, when the parents got married, when the parents first separated, the total number of separations, the date of the last separation, and whether and when couples or family counseling was ever done. In the parenting time line, ask: What was each parent’s share of custody during the first six months after separation? From the six-month mark to the end of the first year after separation? Were the significant changes in the amount of time each parent had custody over the next two years? What is the current parenting plan the parents are using?In the personal time line, ask: Are the children’s grandparents living or dead, married or not? If living, where do the grandparents live, and are they a part of the children’s lives? How many siblings does the client have, and what is his or her relationship historically and presently with the siblings? What contact does the client have with extended family, and how often? Briefly, what was the client’s life like from birth to age 12? From 12 to 18? From 18 to 30? What is the client’s educational history? What is the client’s work history? What is the client’s current living situation, including all the household members? If there are minor children other than those in question, what are the custody arrangements concerning those children? What is the client’s drug and alcohol history, including DUIs and hospitalizations, if any? What is the client’s domestic violence history? Who was the client’s family at these times?There are certain red flags that mediators and evaluators look for; discuss these with your client in advance. Challenge his or her version of the time line and ask whether the other parent might see the time line and relationship in a different way. Your client’s ability to see the situation from the other parent’s perspective is an important part of starting to test his or her grip on the reality of the situation and learning to live constructively with it.Red flags that often appear in the parents’ time lines include: different representations about the existing parenting plans; different dates, particularly the date when the relationship became serious; inability to identify troubling aspects of the relationship even in retrospect, particularly if a similar dynamic is present today; glossing over or dismissal of traumatizing history; and inability to put the situation in perspective by recognizing unresolved issues from childhood or family of origin.Never forget, and never let your clients forget, that presenting themselves as reasonable, articulate, and flexible parents is essential to success in mediation and evaluation, as well as in implementing the actual parenting plan. So remind clients to cooperate with the mediator, tell the truth, and focus on the children’s best interests at the mediation. Remind them that they will get their point across better if they don’t interrupt, shout, or cry. Tell them to expect that strong feelings may come up: anger, despair, or fear. And remind them that they must speak for themselves, even though counsel is routinely present at the mediation in some counties, under local rule and practice.Framing the custody conflict in terms of angel versus devil is unproductive, unrealistic, and divisive. If your clients are stuck in that attitude, remind them that unless such a dynamic can be documented, asserting it will likely work against them in the long run and give the impression that they are emotionally out of control. Worse, your clients run the risk of being viewed as abusing a tax-supported service. A client who consistently fails to grasp that concept, or who stays mired in the past, should be referred to a mental health professional.A PARENTING PLANObviously, the actual parenting plan proposal is very important. Though the client should request as much parenting time as is realistic, you should help the client generate three or four possible plans, ranging from the best-case scenario to a backup plan that is “the nightmare the client can live with.” Think in terms of a step-up plan, perhaps starting with less than your client might have hoped for but working into a more desirable plan over time. Take into account each child’s general developmental stage and consider having your client consult with a child psychologist to discuss what might be appropriate. Provide names of providers for parent-training courses or other resources to improve parenting skills.Red flags in the area of parenting proposals include: plans that are not well thought-out or fail to recognize the realities of their lifestyles; plans that don’t take into perspective the child’s point of view and developmental needs; or plans that aren’t based in reality, such as starting parenting duties at 3:00 p.m. when the parent typically works until 6:00 p.m., without providing for childcare.Ultimately, your client will be asked about his or her concerns regarding the other parent or the proposed parenting plan. Find out these concerns in advance and help your client make a list. Make sure that the client keeps to the present and only includes the past as a prelude to the present. Dwelling on the past is a definite warning sign, especially if the other spouse has stopped drinking or otherwise worked to improve problems. List or explain how the other parent might reduce your client’s concerns. Then explore what the other parent might raise as a concern with your client’s parenting or parenting plan, and how your client might address those concerns. List relevant skill building your client has done or is willing to do, such as attending parenting classes or anger-management therapy.Red-flag issues that come up during the formulation of a parenting plan include: negative attitudes, especially failing to recognize any positive qualities in the other parent; claiming that the other parent can do little or nothing to repair the damage; lack of perspective on the client’s own role in the conflict; and perceiving no room for improvement by either parent.EVALUATIONYou’ll need to prepare your client for the evaluator’s home visit. Before the visit, do a safety check and make necessary adjustments. The home does not have to be spotless, but sheets should be on the beds. Odors from cigarettes, trash, pets, and diapers should be minimized. A wide variety of fresh and healthy food should be in the refrigerator and cupboards. Everyone who lives in the home should be present for the interview. Anyone who is a frequent visitor to the home may be there at the beginning but should also be prepared to leave approximately ten minutes after the evaluator’s arrival.The television should be turned off as soon as the evaluator arrives. The evaluator should not be offered anything but a glass of water. Let the evaluator choose where to sit and where to talk to household members individually and as a group. Inform the evaluator in advance if a household member needs to be seen first because of a work or school commitment.REFERENCESWhen the evaluator asks for collateral references (sometimes called a custody evaluation witness list), usually at or by the first face-to-face interview with the evaluator, have your client be prepared with names, addresses, telephone and e-mail addresses, as well as the best time and way to reach them. You may want to speak with the references in advance not to coach the collateral but to make sure they can, in good conscience, say positive things about your client’s parenting and that they have had enough contact with your client to comment intelligently. Put the reference into the time line to give the evaluator some perspective on when and how long the reference has known the family. Choose references, including family members, whose observations can corroborate the parenting-plan history as well as a parent’s good character. Finally, minimize problems with collateral references, including: dates on documents that come from the parents differing from dates on the same document that comes from a reference; and references who fail to back up the referring parent’s claims, who barely know the parent, or who haven’t observed him or her being a parent.AFTER THE EVALUATIONThe evaluator’s report is ordinarily sent to the parties’ attorneys, or the parties if they are in pro per or pro se, and, in some court systems, it’s also filed with the court. Generally, absent an agreement, it will be used as evidence at the hearing and although it is technically not binding on the court in most jurisdictions the report is extremely influential in the ultimate custody decision. Often, the evaluator’s recommendations are adopted verbatim. The parties may object to the contents of the evaluator’s report when it is presented to the court and even present other evidence or cross-examine the evaluator if the case goes to trial, but it’s an uphill battle to convince a judge to ignore the report.Many courts and evaluators provide for a post-evaluation meeting or settlement conference among the parties, their attorneys, and the evaluator. Even if it’s not offered, it’s worthwhile to ask for a post-evaluation conference because it gives everyone involved an opportunity to hear the results of the evaluation before it’s committed to paper and gives both parents an opportunity and an incentive to return to negotiations or mediation, and settle. It can save money, as it is not necessary to pay for the written evaluation report if the matter settles quickly, before the written report is required. Let the evaluator know that you are interested in using this service as soon as the evaluator has done the last visit or research on the case, because most evaluators begin the written report as soon as possible.SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONSIn custody matters, most courts consider the health, safety, and welfare of the child; the nature and amount of contact with both parents; any history of child abuse by relatives or any caretaker; and any allegations of either parent’s substance or alcohol abuse as well as other factors related to the child’s best interests. Typically it is considered to be in the child’s best interests to preserve close contact with both parents as well as siblings and other close relationships. Most courts will consider the child’s wishes if the child is “of sufficient age and capacity to reason so as to form an intelligent preference as to custody”.Normally the courts encourage settlement, in which the parents stipulate to a custodial arrangement without court investigation or intervention. In most jurisdictions, there is a presumption in favor of joint custody. But the court will review a situation even when there is a settlement if the court becomes aware of substantiated domestic violence or substance-abuse allegations or other factors of obvious concern. For example, in California, a court finding of domestic violence within the past five years also creates a presumption against joint or sole custody by the perpetrator that can only be rebutted by a preponderance of the evidence.Therefore, if your client’s background includes unflattering elements, it may become important to know whether the case is in a jurisdiction where the mediator will make a custody recommendation to the court if the parties do not agree. That is known as nonconfidential mediation. In contrast, with a private mediator, or in a “confidential” jurisdiction, the mediator does not report back to the court except to report nonagreement. Although the case may proceed to evaluation anyway, confidential mediation gives a client an opportunity to rethink or address the other parent’s concerns.There are some important exceptions to confidentiality even in confidential mediations. Therapists, mediators, and other officials may be required to report child abuse or child endangerment to child protective services. Therapists and mediators may have a duty to disclose the existence of threats of death or bodily harm. Allegations of sexual abuse or neglect, if made during a child-custody proceeding, are treated very seriously, and subject the accuser to sanctions if the allegations are found to be false. And the court or mediator may recommend appointment of counsel for the minors or appropriate restraining orders.In cases of domestic violence, the victim-client is often free to decline mediation. However, generally mediations and evaluations are available that can be tailored to the parties’ needs; for instance, through separate sessions and other safety precautions. If the client chooses to participate in a joint session, which can be very helpful strategically in revealing the truth about the relationship, he or she may also request the presence of a nondisruptive advocate or support person.When a party’s mental health is placed at issue, the party may be examined by a qualified expert for discovery purposes. Though participation in therapy need not be revealed in mediation, it is typically interpreted as a positive fact about a client. Your client’s adherence to a therapist’s treatment plan and medication instructions can work in his or her favor. In some jurisdictions, the court may also order the parents and the children to participate in outpatient counseling.Solid preparation goes a long way toward success in mediation and evaluations in contested custody matters. A well-prepared client is also likely to present better because he or she is less nervous. These simple tips can help your client maximize his or her chances for success in both mediation and evaluations.

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Augmented Reality – Bridging the Gap Between the Real and Virtual Consumer Experience

What is AR?Simply put, Augmented Reality enables superimposition of computer generated data onto our direct experience of reality. It aims to enhance the user’s current awareness of reality by supplementing the real world with 3D virtual objects.The term – Augmented Reality – was originally coined in 1990 by former Boeing researcher Tom Caudell. The technology gradually spread to other platforms such as mobile applications in 2008. New AR mapping and social tools such as Taggar – launched in 2013 – have made AR sociable by creating the ability to share hidden, “mutually” personal images, objects or locations.How does AR Work?AR can be achieved by applying two simple methods:Marker-based systemsThis method uses the physical world as a reference point to overlay graphics. For instance, placing a 2-dimensional printed marker in front of a web camera. The computer then comprehends this instruction to produce an overlapping illusion on-screen as if it were directly on top of the marker in the real world.Markerless systemsThis method involves using a combination of devices including electronic devices, accelerometer, compass and location data – such as the Global Positioning System (GPS) – to determine the position of objects in the physical world. At the same time, it detects the location of the physical world along with its axis.What are the applications of AR?The AR applications market is expected to register exponential growth – from USD 181.3 million in 2011 to USD 5.2 billion by 2017, at a compounded annual growth rate of over 95 per cent.Many industries are already adopting this technology but the most obvious application of AR lies in mobile communications. The combined revenues from paid downloads, post-download items and advertising is expected to climb. Moreover, users who have used AR applications in their smartphone generally have positive feedback for developers such as Google, Apple and Microsoft, to name a few.According to a wearables technology survey conducted in 2015, 52 per cent of businesses reported that AR technology is crucial in the wearable tech field. And it should be noted that 71 per cent of those aged between 16 and 24 prefer ‘wearable technology’ that allows them to carry out their daily activities with relative ease.Prominent examples of various AR applications include:Google GlassGoogle glass – a type of wearable voice-controlled android device – resembles a pair of ‘glasses’. It was first released in United Kingdom in January 2015. It allows users to take hands free pictures, videos as well as send messages. The user is able to see real world surroundings and use the glasses to perform multiple mundane activities such as driving, walking safely on roads and participating in sports as it provides an enhanced sense of the real world.These glasses have built-in Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity to provide location-based inputs to the users. For instance, a user would be automatically facilitated with flight status information on entering an airport. This device can further be controlled by the user using voice commands as well as the touchpad located on its frame.Surgical proceduresVirtual Interactive Presence or VIPAAR uses an AR system set to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of surgical procedures. The surgical team at the University of Alabama successfully performed the first AR surgery using VIPAAR in collaboration with Google Glass in 2013. The surgical team at the University of Alabama successfully performed the first AR surgery using VIPAAR in collaboration with Google Glass in 2013.VIPAAR is set to become an invaluable tool for teaching residents or helping surgeons learn a new medical procedure. This will be executed through virtual guidance as well as demonstration of the correct positioning of instruments. This platform takes surgery to new heights by enabling a surgeon in one location to be experientially involved in a surgery taking place in another.ArchaeologyFinding new ways to lure visitors to the museum with AR technology is fast becoming a reality. For instance, Stockholm’s Medelhavsmuseet (The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities) collaborated with the Interactive Institute Swedish ICT in 2013 to show a virtual unwrapping of the mummy of the ancient Egyptian priest Neswaiu. A touchscreen monitor uncovers various layers of the mummy in response to the swipe of a finger. The visitors can explore the mummy by turning and twisting the bones in 3D space.Benefits of ARAlthough the use of AR is still in its infancy, it is now being deployed in various industries to enhance and accelerate product design, manufacturing, maintenance as well as commercialization. The industries set to benefit the most from AR include:MilitaryThe Military has already kick-started research in the field of AR technology to ease processes such as training, maintenance as well as the simulation of actual military operations. AR can also contribute to standardization in manufacturing of artillery, so as to reduce costs. For instance, Osterhout Design Group (ODG) – based in San Francisco – have been working to develop smart glasses for the military. These glasses ease military grade workflow such as displaying high-definition video, recording video and laying visuals over the real world.Education and trainingAR is one of the top ten most significant emerging technologies in education. Merging real and virtual objects triggers interest among students, which in turn increases receptivity. The best application of AR technology in education is to augment the content of the books with multimedia elements such as 3D models, animations, videos and webpages. Virtual characters may also be introduced in the AR realm which include teacher-like avatars, guiding characters or even avatars of real teachers. AR is one of the top ten most significant emerging technologies in education.Many educational institutions have already included this technology in their curriculum. For instance, the City University London combined techniques to develop resources through the Creating Augmented Reality in Education (CARE) project for healthcare students in 2013. This included a series of ‘health walks’ which used GPS functionality in conjunction with AR to create awareness amongst students for health risks near their locality.Travel and tourismThis global travel and tourism industry is on a rapid growth curve. In Europe, the travel and tourism industry makes up 1.8 million enterprises and contributes more than 5 per cent of European Gross Domestic Product (GDP). AR technology can unleash more growth in this industry by engaging visitors through interaction. For instance, Tuscany (launched 2013) and Discover Hong Kong City Walks (launched 2014) applications offer visitors an AR-based guide as well as mobile tourist guides to simulate a real experience of being in their country.Retail and marketingWith e-commerce diffusing into various emerging markets worldwide, interaction with physical products remains the only gap in the online sale of products. This is where AR comes into the picture. AR can significantly enhance the traditional methods of retail and marketing activities online. This is achieved by enabling the e-shopper to interact with virtual objects to simulate a bricks-and-mortar shopping experience.For instance, customers can use AR technology to purchase clothes using virtual fitting rooms. Bloomingdale – a renowned brand in apparel retail – successfully tested virtual dressing rooms during New York’s Fashion Week in 2012. Known as Swivel, these fitting rooms use the principles of natural physics on clothing. The 3D garment moves in accordance with the movement of the person, twisting and turning to provide a clear virtual look. It is the closest option to a real fitting experience.Why AR?AR technology is gradually picking up momentum as the technology matures and the applications proliferate. Even though it is a relatively new technology, there are various factors driving its growth:Cost reductionUsing AR technology helps to minimize costs in several ways. For instance, it helps to channelize the manufacturing process, reduce error margins as well as make procedures safer. The money spent in repeat processes is thus avoided.Experiential qualityAR technology is “fresh”, engaging and user-friendly. Adoption of this technology is easy as it makes the user experience more enjoyable. In training and education applications, it increases engagement in learning processes, thus promoting retention. In entertainment applications, it adds a new layer to the user experience, making it more attractive.Risks inherent in ARIn spite of the huge potential, investing in AR technology can prove to be a costly mistake if marketers are not clear about their goals. A few pointers for investors include:Target audienceMarketers should know their target market segment very well. For instance, AR must be targeted at a tech-savvy demographic segment.AlternativesAt times, customers actually want to experience the real product – for example, when buying a car, customers would still want to do a test-drive. AR only provides a virtual experience which further triggers the desire to feel the real deal. One must, wherever the market demands for this, have the physical samples of products and demonstrations ready at hand. AR can never be a perfect substitute for this.Being mindful of gradual integrationUsing AR in business may not yield the desired results in one go. It might take a while to diffuse well among the customers by first attracting early adopters. AR takes some “getting used to.” Moreover, AR has to be strategically integrated and woven into the marketing strategy in order to optimize results. Like all other emerging technologies, using AR in business calls for both skill and patience.Future outlookAR is well placed for a bright future. Already widely used in cell phones and video game systems, AR has taken the mobile user experience to a whole new level. In the coming years, it is set to change the way we access, experience as well share digital information.Furthermore, advancing technologies, growth of content and proliferation of smartphones will bring AR into the mainstream. Cloud computing is potentially a big driver of AR application development.It is time for all product marketers to think about the future applications of AR to add to their total customer experiences.

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Trust – A Manager’s Most Important Characteristic

In both management and leadership, management skills combined with trust are at the core of what the team must feel and experience in order to function as a high-productivity unit. In today’s difficult economic times, the “trust factor” is a powerful ingredient to face the challenges.There are any number of things a manager does, or can do, to build trust with the members of their team. However, building trust does not lend itself to some technique or contrived behavior that is not an honest part of the managers character. Many times, a manager may be acting or relating in a way that does not help to build trust and may not be a natural way the manager behaves. These unintended trust-busters can be recognized and over-come.Perhaps one of the best ways for managers and leaders to become acutely aware of how Trust with employees manifests itself is to see how other people perceive it. When trust exists for someone under the leadership of a manager, you will hear them articulate it in some of the following ways.So, what does “Trust in a  Manager” look and feel like from the perspective of an employee?When I interact with my manager, I feel he/she is being themselves and authentic.
Although I understand that the my manager has to make decisions and do what’s right for the business, I always feel my manager has my best interests at heart.
When business challenges and problems occur, and things are very uncertain, I have faith in my manager anyway because of past experience.
I trust my manager because he/she is forthright and does not have a hidden agenda. Openness is the key.
My manager is always very consistent and “walks the talk.”These “trust-thoughts” can help all of us as managers to take a look in the mirror and see if our management and leadership behaviors would encourage this employee thinking. It is all about the quality of our relationship with each employee, and with the team as a whole. There must be a fundamental honesty and sincerity about a managers efforts to build a solid working relationship with each person. The purpose behind a managers effort to build this relationship is to “make everyone know they count and matter” both to the manager and to the organization.An employees feeling of Trust in their manager is also a function of time and experience. What has been the history of the employee’s relationship with a manager? Sometimes a past occurrence is still preventing the development of trust. Managers, who senses that an employee who has been with the manager is not showing trust, may need to have an open and purposeful conversation. the manager can start with a general question about “how they employee feels about the team and about his or her relationship with the manager.” This will take some effort and probing but the manager may be able to draw out the issue. Once on the table, the manager and employee can discuss things candidly and build the framework to move forward into a trusting relationship.The point here is that Trust counts. Where trust exists, there is much less “noise” in the working relationships and execution of work assignments and tasks.

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7 Reasons Behind Growing Importance of Content Marketing in 2017

Following are the 7 reasons behind growing importance of content marketing in 2017:1.) It aids marketers make more money, generate more sales & pull in unexpected customers
• This one sentence sums it up for me as if a marketing strategy does not help you make profit; Small businesses depend on large sales, and content Marketing.2.) It helps you build valuable relationships and it is cheaper than other forms of marketing
• It helps marketers create valuable relationships with their audiences and make sales.
• It can help build deals and relationship to boost sales by meeting prospects wherever they are at in the purchasing process and cajoling them forward by giving the knowledge they need to make their next stride. If you do this in a right way, you can convert them to walk them down on your path and increase ROI.3.) It enhances your Brand Image and helps you make a Personal Connection
• Businesses of various kinds can enhance their brand image by creating different types of brandings and sharing quality content. Subsequently, building up a content marketing plan can be a power-full game changer for your business’ online growth.
• It is very powerful in establishing a personal relationship with users. Content that has your own personal touch helps you have chance to increase followers in the marketplace. By exposure of high-quality content consistently, you can develop the trust of your audience that will help you establish your name as a brand and nowadays people only like brands. It will help you to enhance your Digital Marketing Company brand image as well.4.) It enhances Customer Engagement & helps you beat your Competitors
• Content marketing lets marketers see execution through live on Facebook platform it will increase more traffic on your page and chance to make better relationship with users. This is the very personalized tool nowadays to make content effective. It is so, because your audiences love it; it is low cost-effective; it engages your customers, produces more popularity and helps you beat your competitors in a sustainable way.
• Value of content marketing is as if you have two platforms with similar Performa will prefer engaging with the one that includes content in their online marketing strategy like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. This sustainable effort will makes your company unique, which helps you enjoy superiority in your industry in more powerful manner.5.) Content marketing can work with any Industry, can let Non-Profits make Profits & can Attract People with Real Interest in Your Brand
• The power of content marketing in 2017 is people will follow anything that they don’t know and it will be knowledgeable. It will be time consuming people will connect through the world with the help of content and internet.
• It is very important that you build strong relationship and well-targeted and customized content marketing strategy with the help of digital marketing company.6.) It is very powerful in Improving your Customer Experience & growing Long-term Audiences
• Importance of Content Marketing includes in its ability of improving customer experiences and ensuring long-term facilities of audiences. Great content material gives brands something highlighted to talk about with their clients beyond complaints and difficulties, compliments, or inquiries. Each interaction you have with a prospect or customer can give you knowledge and increase the inquiries/issues they have.
• Through content marketing, you can answer those questions clearly and early in the process that helps you reduce the amount of complaints and confusions. Each part of content offers a great opportunity to hook new personalities and grow your fan base. As such gathering of audiences grows; you will have a much greater base of individuals willing to share your content that is the huge advantage of digital content marketing.
• Rather than beginning without any preparation as in traditional marketing, you can establish on your own success through content marketing with the way you want to. You can use follow up strategies with the help of digital marketing or email nurturing and social media marketing that help you enjoy steady gains in your users.7.) It can help marketers increase Email Response Rates & encourage Virality
• Content Marketing company importance includes its ability to increase email response rates and encourage Virality of internet population marketing campaigns. The email trafficking will increase rates it can be effectively increased by keeping professional communication intact through efficient content marketing by understanding site’s audience and channelizing custom-fit campaigns.
• All the interactions that you have with a prospect or customer through Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. Whether in person, in phone call, in email, or through other traditional marketing methods, you have to be focused on giving value and truthful substance.
• For effective It, you need to create something that is highly interesting and entertaining like an interesting post on Facebook, Twitter and Google. Then you are ready to see special kind of Virality for your brand that no other marketing channel can provide.

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Which Method Is More Effective: Video Marketing or Email Marketing?

First, let us discuss what video and email marketing methods are exactly. Online Video Marketing is a technique in which you produce a video illustrating your business. These videos usually show the services and products your business has to offer. This allows customers to easily understand your business’s message through a video production. On the other hand, we have the approach of online email marketing. Email marketing is the process of promoting your business through emailing your customers new offers, services, and products. Though this technique can be very profitable, you need to already have your customer’s email address to be able to send marketing material to them. Both are great ways to reach out to your customers and encourage them to choose your services over competitors.Marketing through videos has been around for an exceptionally long time. But with the boom of social media and other online sites, this technique has been taken to a whole other level. This popularity is well deserved as it is extremely easy for customers to digest. With just a click or scroll, customers can view vital information about what your business has to offer them. There are also many online video platforms out there on which you can market your video production. I know I have mentioned an awful lot of pros so far, but we are not seeing many cons. Well, it is hard to find any cons for video marketing as it has become the most convenient way to reach customers. Online video marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your business promotions online.So, we discussed the online marketing technique of video sharing but what about email marketing? It is also a great way to communicate with your customers. This method allows you to contact your customers directly with new offers, services, and products. It also lets you easily send return customers deals to help them to keep your business in mind. But you will need access to the customer’s email address to be able to send them marketing emails. You have to be able to encourage customers to give you their emails, they won’t just hand them over. It can be difficult to reach new customers that have not already provided you an email for which to send marketing information to. This makes email marketing a great secondary marketing technique rather than the main tool. So, in short, email marketing is great for customers you already have and not so great for getting new customers.Though these are both great ways to get information to your customers, one is much more effective than the other for marketing. Online video marketing is the way to go when it comes to getting what you have to offer in front of new customers. Though video marketing is the best way to reach new customers that does not mean you shouldn’t use email marketing once you’ve connected. Email marketing is a great tool to use in unison with video marketing. Let video marketing bring customers to you and email marketing keep them coming back for more.

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Short, Intermediate, And Longer – Term Impacts On Home Sales, When Rates Rise!

For many reasons, some, economic, while others, related to the pandemic – related, so – called, fatigue, etc, home prices, in most areas, have gone up, at, or, near, record amounts! Because of the prolonged period of artificially – created, low – interest rates, mortgage rates, have been at historic lows! Since, for most home buyers, using financing is essential to affording a purchase, when a low rate, causes cheap money, and, thus, the ability to afford more home – for – the – buck, prices usually rise! It permits qualified buyers to qualify for more money/ loan, because the ratio of monthly mortgage, to overall income, is artificially – reduced! How long will this trend continue, will it become the new – normal, will previous trends/ cycles return, and how will pricing be affected, in the immediate, intermediate, and longer – run, are, all factors, to consider! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some possibilities, to consider, and understand.

1. Short – term: Since, the Federal Reserve Bank, announced, they planned to raise rates, three times in 2022 (of course, this was before the potential implications, and ramifications, from the Omicron variant), many feel pressure, to act quickly, to take advantage of today’s low rates, before they go up! Three increases will probably translate to, at least, a 0.75% higher rate, which will translate, for most mortgages, to hundreds of extra dollars, per month. Some things to consider, and pay attention to, is, this rate of increased home prices, will, probably, not continue, especially, at such a large degree! How longer one, expects to keep a specific house, is, one issue, to consider, thoroughly, and wisely, before proceeding!

2. Intermediate – term: Although, many believe, to – know, the precise timing of any projected rate – hike, is uncertain! The Fed has changed, and/ or, altered its strategies and approaches, in the past, What the intermediate – term, may bring, including potential inflationary pressures, how long the economic conditions, and unknown factors, related to the pandemic, etc, will determine, largely, what this phase, may bring! In addition, the attitude, and perceptions of buyers, and their confidence, etc, largely impact this real estate market!

3. Longer – term: In the longer – run, will things, restore, to what we have seen, so often, in the past, which is, alternating cycles, between, Sellers, Buyers, and Neutral Markets? The possibilities, include: a continued large escalation; a more – gradual, but persistent – one; some leveling; and/ or, will we see, at least, in certain areas, some sort of falling prices, for a period.

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Affiliate Marketing Coach – Speed Up Your Affiliate Progress With A Coach

An affiliate marketing coach is someone who can help you lift the invisible ceiling which may be holding your affiliate business back. So much in business it is the limits of our thinking which stop us from achieving the things we set out to achieve.

In affiliate marketing this is very much the case. You don’t know what you don’t know! You may even be running down a rabbit hole in the complete wrong direction. I did this for years before finding an affiliate marketing coach who helped me.

Before this point I was trying to do everything alone. Many affiliates are doing the same but don’t realise their actions aren’t aligned with their desired outcomes. For me, I was focusing only on the things I liked to do, not the things which would drive my business forwards.

A clear perspective from a coach who isn’t so myopic in their thinking can change everything. If you keep doing what you’ve always done as an affiliate, your results will likely be the same. But if you’re prepared to step outside your comfort zone, you can make far greater changes in a small amount of time.

Much of affiliate marketing is about trial and error. You try several things and focus on the things which work. This is Pareto’s principle, or the 80:20 rule. But if you have no results to draw from, you could easily be focusing on strategies which will take years to gain any traction.

A few of the small shifts I made in my affiliate marketing endeavours are: shifting to promoting products which offer recurring commissions, I stopped promoting small value, low commission products, and I started using high ticket digital products instead.

These steps alone hugely helped me start generating tactics in my affiliate business. But I also got coaching and mentoring, and decided to take affiliate marketing more seriously. In the beginning, it was just a hobby, and I treated it like a hobby. But if you look at your affiliate business like a hobby, you’ll earn a hobby wage from it. Treat it more seriously, and focus on building a sustainable income which can replace existing work, and you can achieve much more. You get what you focus on!

Goals are useful signposts for affiliates too. For such a long time I was without a rudder as an affiliate. A goal gives you a specific destination you can measure and work towards. If you don’t have either a goal, or a strategy you can stick to with affiliate marketing, it’s easy to lose purpose and drift off in another direction.

When you’re looking for results and don’t have any, it can become completely demoralising! You need to stoke the fire of your own enthusiasm continually or you’re likely to become disillusioned and drop out. This happens to around 95% of affiliate marketers.

But you need to be in the 5% who stick at it and eventually break through and start making consistent sales. When this occurs will depend on the actions you take and how long you keep going for. If something isn’t working, try something else. Focus on the small wins like a hit on a website, or an email lead. Keep your enthusiasm high and you’ll be able to surmount the obstacles which come with the territory. But if you allow yourself to become dissatisfied, it’s much more difficult to keep going.

Affiliate marketing isn’t easy. It’s performance related which means that if you don’t make a sale, you don’t make any money. This is tough in the beginning because you can do a lot of activity which is unrewarded. But once you make a sale, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. This is the goal of many new affiliate marketers – to make their first sale.

Once you have some positive feedback in terms of success, you can focus on the activities which brought it about. But until this happens, you very much need to trust the process. If you’re also paying a membership fee while this is happening, there can come a point where you decide it’s simply not working! This is common, and people drop out. But if you have a coach you can trust, things are so much more sustainable.

An affiliate marketing coach can help you overcome negativity, indecision, hesitancy and self belief issues. A coach can help you see things in a different light and to notice limitations in your thinking.

For me this has been a complete game changer, and not just for affiliate marketing. When you notice your own self talk is talking away your success and happiness, you realise you are the creator of your own outcomes. As you remember to change your self talk and thinking habits, you realise without belief there is no action. So belief is everything.

The person we listen to more than anyone else in life is ourselves. We talk to ourselves in our head constantly. Re reaffirm what we think and believe about ourselves continually. If we can learn to tap into this power, and start giving ourselves more positive commands, then we can grow both personally and professionally in a much more congruent way than simply through thinking, planning and attempting things in only the physical aspect of our affiliate business.

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7 Benefits of Custom Aluminum Cases

If you want to carry your expensive electronic items or any type of fragile instrument, we suggest that you be on the safe side. We suggest that you pack your expensive stuff in a reliable case. In other words, you may want to invest in a dependable custom aluminum case to carry your items with you. After all, you don’t want your stuff to get damaged during transportation. In this article, we are going to talk about some major benefits of custom aluminum cases. Read on to find out more.

1. Durability

First of all, one of the major advantages of these units is that they are extremely durable. In this case, we suggest that you go for a case that is splashproof, air-tight, and watertight. This is essential if you want the unit to stand the test of time. If it is not strong enough, your stuff inside may not be safe.

2. Withstand Extreme Conditions

Another major advantage of these units is that they are designed to withstand extreme conditions. Even if you use them on a daily basis, they will be good for years to come. In other words, you don’t need to worry about the durability aspect of these units.

3. Customizable

Some of these cases are designed to be customized. The idea is to make sure that you get a unit that you can customize to cover your requirements and needs. Since one size cannot fit everyone, we suggest that you get a customized aluminum case.

For example, you will need a specific type of case to store your tools. Similarly, there are specific aluminum cases if you want to carry delicate items. And the beauty of these things is that they are available in different sizes and shapes.

4. Custom Interior

If you want to protect your delicate items, we suggest that you get a case that comes with custom interiors. In this case, your delicate items will be safe even if the road condition is extremely bad.

5. Timeless Look

We suggest that you get an aluminum case that features a timeless look. After all, you don’t want to get a case that looks ugly or unappealing. So, if you are worried about the aesthetic aspect of these units, we suggest that you get a unit that seems appealing.

6. Corrosion-Resistant

With the passage of time, metal cases tend to face corrosion. Therefore, it is better to get an aluminum case as they are corrosion resistant.

7. Withstand Temperatures

The good thing about an aluminum case is that it can withstand extreme temperatures. Since aluminum features high thermal conductivity, this type of metal can easily transfer heat from your fragile items. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the effects of the elements when it comes to getting your expensive or fragile items from one place to another.

Long story short, these are just some of the benefits of customized aluminum cases. If you have never purchased one, we suggest that you get one today. The beauty of these units is they are much better than other types of metal out there. So, the next time you need to purchase one, you may consider one made from aluminum.

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How Cromacoin Functions to Enhance Businesses Productivity?

Instead for entire details relevant piece of information in this world of modernized technology Cromacoin usually operates on wide-spread public ledger known as Blockchain where entire confirmed transactions. Entire ways where users are aware of each transaction avoid stealing and spending the same currency within stipulated time. This process also supports Blockchain as it is trustworthy for an appropriate piece of content. Cromacoin is one of excellent digital currency which has been stepping up to correspond with better digital currencies exchanges.

Where to store your new ICO’s tokens after procure?

There are diversified applications which one should utilize while obtaining new ICO’s tokens some of the vital key elements are visualized below for better appearance:-

• Full Client Satisfaction- It is one of email server which is encountered without dependent upon third-party servers. It also controls whole transaction from start to an end.

• Trivial Clients- The mandatory vital piece of server surely rely upon customer’s satisfaction as everyone acquires access to the network for uppermost transactions.

• Web Clients- It is the opposite of full client resembling which totally dependent upon the third-party server and operate entire transactions instantly.
Where can you find Cromacoin?

In order to get evolved with this cryptocurrency digital exchanges one can firstly purchase Cromacoin from steps involved below:-

• Cryptocurrency Exchanges where one can exchange regular new ICO tokens.

• One can find a seller or just by SING UP process available for procedural module.

• After Signing up Cromacoin is precious for customers for better investment plans.

Input important credentials to obtain freeway service to your account by SIGN UP process.

• It is recommended to utilize a strong elongated password with a mixture of letters, alphabets and other special characters.

• One will be able to find information about the product in our whitepaper which proffers an extreme most reliable piece of information rapidly.

• Get a proper financial report as ICO’s can be started with crowdfunding.

• Companies utilizing ICO at an earlier stage for traditional businesses acquire whitepaper which is the most likely concern.

One needs explanations about Cromacoin just by examining the whitepaper in ICO’s.

• Get a ratio for cryptocurrency along with procedural modules in accordance to digital currency exchanges.

Where are your tokens? Know more from defined information evaluated

Firstly, it is important to bring tokens for your ICO which is associated with your tokens available as per needs and requirements. It can suffer bit of project keeping in mind a trustworthy project which one can send for Cromacoin analyzed. It is suggested to deposit your new ICO tokens where tokens actually bare and help for your new token repeatedly.

• Set up for a coin and participate in ICO to buy tokens.

• The need of wallet which supported tokens for purchase.

• Participate in ICO to buy tokens from Cromacoin.

• Send ETH for a token purchase and one will be tied to private key of wallet.

• Acquire few pieces of information to accomplish with Cromacoin.

• Send ETH address for ICO and proffer tokens constantly.

• Don’t ask for a deposit which wallet supports for a new token or one can access to your New ICO tokens on Blockchain with appropriate security enabled policies.

How to import ICO tokens into a supported wallet?

If one has contract address for token one can import tokens into wallet. Likewise, our wallet has the capability to hold numerous tokens keeping in mind entire terms accuracy, precise along with efficiency which play a vital role to enhance one’s business productivity. Our wallet is encompassed with unique wallet address which is thereby sent just by input for tokens.

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Why Business Owners Seek to Enter Foreign Markets

It is no longer news that business investors from around the world look at entering foreign markets in order to expand their local business operations or diversify their investments and establish new operations in the international market.

Every year, hundreds of entrepreneurial and growing companies consider international expansion as a marketing and growth strategy.

If you have been successful in your business for some time and you have already mastered everything about running a business, overseas expansion may just be the logical next move you have to make.

On the flip side, for a majority of others, just having an overseas registered company and business address makes more sense to them than moving over to these foreign countries to establish a brick-and-mortar office.

Whichever the case is, there are at least 7 reasons entrepreneurs incorporate an overseas company, subsidiary or a representative office.

1. EXPANSION. About 95% of the world’s consumer’s reside outside Nigeria. Entrepreneurs whose vision and target market is a global one would consider to enter new markets abroad thus increasing their company’s overall market share and growth potentials.

2. POSSIBLE UNTAPPED MARKET. The possibility of an untapped market in foreign jurisdictions may motivate a Nigerian entrepreneur to incorporate an overseas company, subsidiary or representative office of his/her local company. Nigerian entrepreneurs who produce and package local foodstuffs for sale abroad fall into this category.

3. PROXIMITY TO INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS/CUSTOMERS. Truth be told, the Internet hs done enough to bring businesses closer to buyers. However, for some reasons, several business transactions may still warrant a traditional business presence in the city or country of operation. An overseas office of a local company need not be that big, and may be a home business address, a paid virtual office, or a small/liaison office just for the sake of getting customer feedback and linking back to the Nigerian office.

4. CORPORATE IMAGE. In order to boost their corporate image in the eyes of customers, suppliers, investors and businesses, some entrepreneurs just register an overseas subsidiary of their Nigerian company. This gives their target audience an impression that they are a company with international networks. In situations like this, the “international entrepreneur” need not set up a brick-and-mortar office abroad, he/she only pays for a virtual registered office in such country plus a mailing and telephone forwarding service.

5. COMPETITION. The fact that competing businesses or brands are entering the overseas market and are doing well motivates entrepreneurs in similar businesses to follow suit.

6. INTERNATIONAL PAYMENT. There are quite a number of international banking options available to companies registered in overseas jurisdictions – whether you are currently established in the overseas country or operating the overseas company from Nigeria. Having a corporate checking account abroad makes international payment much more easier by direct deposits, cheque or international wire transfers.

7. MIGRATION. Entrepreneurs considering a migration or move to an overseas country may incorporate a company in the destination country pending the time of their travel.

The United Kingdom, for instance, grants an Entrepreneur Visa to persons outside the European Union to gain entry to the UK for business reasons.

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